Formosan Termite Swarm Update

Jeremy, a Charleston sales and service representative, stops a local Charleston gas station on Thursday night May 21st to purchase gas.  What he observes is not new to him.  Jeremy, who has represented Palmetto Exterminators since 2003, inspects a large Formosan Termite swarm colony being drawn to a large flood light behind the gas station.  Palmetto’s termite […]

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Formosan Termite Swarmers

In a tradition that dates back as far as the 1950’s, Memorial Day  will usher in the start of a new season for Formosan Termites Swarmers in the Low Country.  Each year thousands of future kings and queens will take flight in an attempt to start a new termite colony.  What should you do if you […]

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Why to Avoid Wood to Ground Contact- Palmetto Exterminators

Many of our current and potential customers have inquired about wood to ground contact photographs and comments accompany the inspection process.  During a routine annual termite inspection of a home that is currently under warranty with Palmetto Exterminators, one of our Greenville technicians, Zach, discovered some wood to ground contact in the crawlspace.  Originally used as […]

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Which Insect: Winged Ant or Termite Swarmer?

Spring is the air! Not only is Spring in the air, but so are many of the insects that usher in the new season.  One of the first signs that the insect world is coming to life are termite swarmers.  Within the next few days to the next few weeks, depending upon the part of […]

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What is an Albino Roach?

The picture you see is not that of a white roach, rather it is a cockroach that has recently molted, the shedding of its exoskeleton, which makes the albino roach. Cockroaches undergo an incomplete metamorphosis, and therefore need to shed their protective exoskeletons in order to grow and mature.  Each time this exoskeleton is shed, the […]

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Palmetto Exterminators – Construction Methods and Termites- Part 2 Crawlspace

Welcome back for the second of the three part series Construction Methods and Termites.  Today’s topic of discussion will be crawlspace foundations.  Crawlspace foundations are built upon a series of piers that the structure rests upon to give overall weight balance and support for the home.  I have provided a picture below that diagrams the construction style and […]

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Bert the Bug Man on ABC News 4 Lowcounty Live

Bert the Bug Man talks mosquito control. In conjunction with the Daniel Island Home Show, ABC News 4’s Lowcountry Live hosted its local talk show at the Family Circle Stadium on Daniel Island, SC. Lucky to finally have perfect spring weather, the talk show and the home show enjoyed a mosquito and gnat free event […]

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Hidden Termite Infestation

Bert the Bug Man, Palmetto Exterminators’ Graduate Entomologist, was recently called to a house in Summerville SC.  Suspicious rippling and bubbling had popped up on the wall along a window frame. Bert discovers a hidden Formosan Termite Infestation and carton nest with his Infrared camera.  The infested area appeared as a hot spot on the […]

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Eric is a very respectable young man and you are extremely lucky to have him. I would love for him to inspect all of my properties from now on.

Carolyn - Mount Pleasant, SC

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