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How To Choose the Right Pest Control For Your Home

How To Choose the Right Pest Control For Your Home

Have you had to scroll through mounds of Google Ads when trying to find a reputable pest company in your town? Searching for a safe and quality pest service can be difficult in the digital space. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right pest control for your home. First, you want to select a trustworthy pest control company and have confidence in them solving the pest problems inside your home. Next, you must decide which method of pest control is most effective for your situation, taking environmental factors, frequency of visits, and differing products into consideration. We know it can be overwhelming, so our pest control experts at Palmetto Exterminators are here to give you our top tips for choosing the right pest control for your home.

Choosing a Pest Control Company

Doing research is important when choosing a local pest control company. Although cheaper options may be more attractive, quality service is most important. Companies that use integrated pest management (IPM) study pest life cycles and how they interact with the environment. Through IPM, pest control experts can manage pests while lowering costs and reducing risks by using the least toxic methods.

When vetting a local pest control company, you may want to investigate if they have a QualityPro certification. This certification is the pest management industry’s leading credentialing program. Companies must meet 18 standards for professionalism that exceed mandated state and federal requirements. This accreditation is earned by less than 3% of pest control companies in the United States. Learn more about requirements for certification.

After researching IPM and the QualityPro certification, there are other measures you can take to narrow down your decision. You can typically get a free quote from local pest control providers. Additionally, you should read up on reviews, ask for references, insurance information, and research the company’s credentials. Companies are typically more than happy to supply this information, as local exterminators need your business as much as you need them. 

Palmetto Exterminators offers a free, no-obligation pest inspection to seamlessly begin your process. We provide you with a detailed report containing any pest problems, along with an outline of how we will help resolve these issues.

Choosing a Pest Control Method

Pest control methods vary among different providers. Hiring a company with a pest control program, or a program with a set schedule throughout the year is extremely beneficial and convenient. Palmetto Exterminators developed a quarterly pest control program that reduces the need to routinely apply products to the interior of homes. After the completion of our initial interior and exterior pest control treatment, our quarterly visits focus on the exterior of your home. 

Traditional insecticides have major health risks and can also be harmful to the environment. Researching pest control methods that minimize the use of insecticides is advantageous to you and your home. Palmetto Exterminators offers Palmetto Green, a green pest control program that combines preventative techniques with the use of US EPA-exempt products. These products are natural, organic, and contain biodegradable compounds.

Certain pests, such as fleas and fire ants, require specialized treatments. It’s important to find a local pest control company that offers specialized treatments in the event of an emergency. Palmetto Exterminators offers specialized pest control services for everything from one-time pest control to ticks, german cockroaches, and bed bugs.

Your environment may also dictate which methods of pest control would be most effective. For example, the South has a longer flea, tick, and mosquito season than Northern states do. Depending on the area you live in, you may need more frequent visits from your provider or a different method of pest control.

Researching local pest control companies and the services they offer is essential for determining the right pest control for your home. This will result in a positive pest control experience and confidence in a pest-free home. As the best pest control company in the Carolinas, contact Palmetto Exterminators today for a free consultation and more information.