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How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

With the temperatures finally warming up again in the South, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Whatever your plans might be, they probably don’t include spiders. Arachnophobia aside, spiders are a general nuisance if found inside the home. They aren’t known for being the best guests, as they leave messy webs around the house to collect dust and dirt.

And, once they have made their home, they can rapidly multiply, which is why it’s important to have a spider control plan to protect your home as soon as you notice them. So, what are your options? As summer weather rolls around and more bugs start to come out of the woodworks, our local exterminators have a few pieces of advice for you!

Spiders Inside of Your Home? Here’s What to Do!

How to Get Rid of Spiders In Your Home

While rolled-up magazines have a place in the pest control hall of fame and your vacuum cleaner can effectively remove webs, there are better ways to deal with a spider problem. Some homeowners may turn to DIY spider control products like traps and spray repellents but are usually less than satisfied with the results. Keep in mind, a small spider problem can rapidly turn into a big one, as a single spider sac can contain several thousand eggs.
Just thinking about a spider infestation might give you the jitters. But whether you have arachnophobia or just want these pesky critters gone, you have options! For starters, you can enlist the help of pest professionals who understand the behaviors and habits of each species and can formulate a tailored spider control plan.

Pest control isn’t a one-and-done deal, though, and it goes beyond spiders. Since there is always the possibility of insects entering your home or business, it’s important to stop an infestation before it happens. As part of the quarterly pest control service, our local exterminators will thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home, addressing any potential problem areas. In addition to an exterior inspection and treatment, we will remove all spider webs from around your home, seal off any entry points, and power spray our safe pest treatment around your yard. This quarterly pest control program greatly reduces the need to routinely apply products to the interior of your home.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Arachnophobes will likely agree with us that the ideal scenario would keep spiders and pests out of your home in the first place, rather than having to play catch up in removing them. As local pest control specialists, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for stopping spiders at their source and keeping your home pest-free.

Seal Off Potential Entry Points

Like all insects, spiders will adapt to survive. Many species of spiders are fairly small and can compress their bodies to fit through the smallest of spaces. That means any gap, crack, or crevice in your home serves as an easy entry point for spiders and other pests. It’s important to seal up cracks and crevices in walls, doors, windows, and even your foundation. If any wires or cables are running from interior to exterior or vice versa, make sure the gap has a seal. Make sure your window and door screen fit appropriately and are intact, too.

Eliminate Potential Food Sources

The best way to keep spiders out is to eliminate the things that attract them – specifically, food and nesting areas. Spiders feed on insects and other bugs, so it is important to take out the trash, wipe down your surfaces, and store your food properly. This should reduce the number of food-seeking bugs in your home, and by extension, reduce the number of spiders.

Clean Up Around Your Home

A cluttered home can also put you at risk of a pest infestation. Spiders are attracted to dark and sheltered areas where females can lay their eggs, so boxes, basements, crawlspaces, garages, and attics make for tempting targets. Make sure you’re cleaning on top of high surfaces and behind furniture, and when you’re done with the wipe down, give it a preventative spray of a vinegar/water solution to help keep the area clear. And if you see any webs, make sure to remove them!

Remove Debris from Outside

Your fight against spiders should start outside. In your yard, make sure you keep debris and clutter away from your home’s exterior. This includes leaves, lawn clippings, woodpiles, fertilizer, and compost. Landscaping your yard, including mowing the grass and trimming back shrubbery and trees neighboring your home, can also help eliminate any potential nesting grounds.

Contact Your Local Pest Control Professional

If you’ve tried all the DIY and prevention measures under the sun but are still seeing webs pop up around your home, give Palmetto Exterminators a call! The good news is that spiders do not typically pose a significant health risk and are only a minor nuisance. They rarely bite people, and even fewer species are considered dangerous. In fact, they can be beneficial in reducing other pest populations, like gnats, mosquitoes, moths, and flies.

However, if you are noticing an excessive amount inside of your home, you could be dealing with an underlying pest problem, as spiders tend to build their webs where they can easily find food. Our local pest control specialists will complete a free pest inspection of your home, paying special attention to potential problem areas and pest problems that could be causing spiders to take shelter inside.

Need help identifying the pest in your home?

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