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Termite Boosters & Warranties: What You Need to Know

Termite Boosters & Warranties: What You Need to Know

Would you purchase a new car without having insurance in case the worst happens? Would you buy your dream home without insurance for protection against natural disasters? The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reports that termites cause more property damage than hurricanes, lightning, and fires combined, resulting in more than 5 billion dollars worth of damage each year.

If you are protecting your home against fires and hurricanes, you should be against termites as well. Because it's not a matter of if you will get termites, but when. Read on to learn more about the termite protection plans available to you so that you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

The Basics of Termite Protection Plans

The pest control industry's best management practices involve regular termite barrier treatments, but if your home fosters ideal conditions for termites, even following these recommendations doesn't guarantee total elimination. That's why it's so important to have a termite warranty with a trusted pest control company like Palmetto Exterminators. Our integrated pest control solutions include regular termite treatments and annual termite inspections to reduce the risk of a home infestation plus a limited warranty in case any damages require repairs.

What Is a Termite Protection Warranty?

If you are a homeowner, a termite warranty serves as your protection against these extremely devastating pests. Warranties are often confused with "termite bonds" which is an antiquated term of art. An effective modern-day Termite Control Program is one that combines a Limited Termite Warranty with treatment and inspection by a qualified and insured company. Should the worst happen, your Termite Agreement provides you with peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted ally to help you get rid of a termite infestation and potentially contribute to repairs caused by termite damage. Homeowners need to understand that all termite control program warranties have limitations and that all damages may not be covered.

Palmetto Exterminators is a certified and insured pest control company qualified to offer termite control programs and limited warranties that protect your home from these disastrous pests. Our programs and warranties are transferable, meaning that if you purchase a property under a termite control program from Palmetto Exterminators, all you have to do is provide us with your name and contact information. Our pest control experts will take care of the rest, at no cost to you! Should you choose to sell your home down the road, our termite control program and warranty provide peace of mind to the next owner, too.


What Is a Termite Booster Treatment?

As a highly experienced pest control provider, Palmetto Exterminators uses only industry-leading termite control products like Bora-Care and Termidor® to ensure that we are effectively protecting your home against termites. As a part of your home's inclusive termite protection program, we perform termite barrier treatments at no additional cost to you every seven to nine years. A complete booster treatment is beneficial to your home for several reasons:

  1. Prevents your termiticide barrier treatment from becoming ineffective after an extended period of time
  2. Ensures that no new potential entry points or other conducive conditions have been made since the last termite inspection
  3. Helps to keep harsh environmental conditions such as frequent rains, flooding, and humidity from making your treatment ineffective
  4. Combats the aggressive nature of Formosan Termites which are commonly found in the Southeastern region

According to the NPMA, the national average repair cost for termite damages is around $2,500. In areas of established Formosan termite populations like the Southeast, the average is much higher at $7,500. Unfortunately, our termite exterminators too often perform inspections at unprotected homes only to discover tens of thousands of dollars worth of termite damages that require repair. Bear in mind that these repair expenses don't include the cost of treating and removing the termites. Our termite exterminators keeps your budget in mind with our affordable termite service agreement that covers the re-treatment costs that come with an infestation and may provide additional contributions to the repairs.

Why Choose Palmetto Exterminators

While certainly an option, most homeowners lack the knowledge and experience needed to treat a termite infestation effectively with DIY pest control. Remember, an essential part of treating a termite problem quickly and effectively is identifying the termite species, investigating the cause of the infestation, and developing a comprehensive, customized course of treatment. Here are just a few reasons why our valued customers trust our knowledgeable termite exterminators with their termite control needs:

  • Most homeowner's insurance policies do NOT cover termite damages.
  • Subterranean Formosan termites are covered under the Palmetto Exterminators Termite Service Agreement.
  • We provide lifetime termite coverage as long as you pay your annual renewal fee and meet all obligations under our service agreement.
  • Our annual inspection reports include detailed information about all of our findings as well as photographs.
  • Our Damage Repair Agreement includes up to $250,000 in coverage.
  • Our pest control technicians are Termidor® Certified Professionals. (Termidor® is the most effective termiticide presently on the market.)

Leave your termite problem to our pest control specialists, who have the training, experience, and expertise to properly inspect your property and handle products, and ensure that you have the most effective solutions. During our termite inspections, one of our licensed pest control specialists will inspect your home or business for visible signs of termite infestation and determine a customized protection plan for you.

Palmetto Exterminators provides reliable pest management solutions to keep you, your family, and your home protected from destructive pests for years to come. If you are looking for a trusted provider of termite protection for your home, contact Palmetto Exterminators today for your free pest inspection at one of our many service areas.