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Bees, Wasps, and Hornets: What’s the Difference?

Insects and other crawling critters are already scary enough for most people, but those that can fly and sting are among the most feared. Although they are often viewed as frightening or a nuisance, they play a rather important role in the environment and agriculture.

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How to Keep Your Porch Pest-Free this Summer

Nothing is worse than enjoying a relaxing evening out on your porch, only to have it ruined by a swarm of mosquitoes nibbling at your legs and buzzing in front of your face. While the warm summer weather draws people outdoors to the beach or backyards, it also attracts bugs, making summer the season with the highest level of insect activity.

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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Termites From Taking Over Your Home

According to the NPMA, termites cause more than $5 billion in damages annually not even accounting for treatment or removal. Although the pests have devastating effects on homes and businesses, property owners are often unprepared to spot the warning signs and prevent infestation. Therefore, the question remains, “how do you prevent termites?”

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5 Tips for Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

Everybody hates dealing with fruit flies. At first, you just grab a flyswatter and take care of them the old-fashioned way, but fruit flies can lay up to 50 eggs a day, which can soon overwhelm a space. Our professional exterminators share five tips you can use to help eliminate fruit flies. You may even have everything you need already!

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How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home for Good

There is a common misconception that rodents, such as mice and rats, may only overrun your home during the winter months. Unfortunately, these unwanted pets can come into your home any time of year. In the summer months, rodents will enter your home in search of food, water, and shelter from the heat. In addition to being a nuisance, rodents can also carry a plethora of diseases as well as cause damage to your home. Not to worry though, we, at Palmetto Exterminators, are here to help ensure that you and your family keep rodents out of your home for good.

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The Story Behind the Palmetto Bug

If you’ve spent any time in the Carolinas you will be familiar with what has been locally dubbed “The Palmetto Bug”. Covered in a light brown exoskeleton, these eight-legged insects have a long history of scurrying into homes across the coastline. Dating back to the Carboniferous period, over 360 million years ago, they are some of the oldest organisms that still exist on planet earth. Their legs are adapted to almost every terrain, making them extremely fast, and their bodies are flat, enabling them to hide in small, tight spaces.

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Why Are Pests More Active During the Summer Months

People across the globe highly anticipate the season of sunny days, vacations, and hot temperatures perfect for basking in the summer sun. Sadly, so do many pests that join in on the summer festivities we’d rather enjoy alone. Aside from the abundance of mosquitoes that are infamous on summer days, you have probably noticed considerably higher numbers of other pests during this season.

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How to Check for Bed Bugs When Traveling This Summer

With summer upon us, the traveling season is right around the corner. While families and friends are eager to book that long-awaited getaway, it is important to make sure your destination is bed bug-free. While most people know what bed bugs are, we want to give you a rundown of why they are such despised insects and how to check for bed bugs.

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How to Identify Different Types of Bees

With over 20,000 different species of bees, the planet is full of these buzzing insects, hopping from flower to flower and creating the honey we all know and love. Though these bees can sting, it is very rare that pest exterminators are needed to control these insects. To keep track of these bees, all species are classified into seven different families, each with unique traits. 

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How to Prepare for Termite Swarming Season

Warm weather and April showers don’t just bring May flowers. Sadly, spring season also means the beginning of the termite swarmer season. What exactly are these infamous pests? Termite swarmers are flying insects that travel and live in very large colonies, and a colony can include up to hundreds of thousands of termite swarmers.

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