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Common Attic & Crawl Space Pests

Creepy crawlers and critters are known to hang out in these mysterious parts of our homes but there is no need to be scared. Our experts at Palmetto Exterminators have broken down the most common attic and crawl space pests to watch out for and how to prevent them from getting in. 

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How to Identify and Treat Spider Bites

The only thing spookier than spiders are spider bites. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your bite is from a mosquito or if it could be more serious. Don’t be afraid – we’re here to help you identify any spider bites you might get and how to successfully treat it.

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What Are Fireflies? Did you know that fireflies, or lightning bugs, are actually a type of beetle? Fireflies are a type of soft-bodied beetle, commonly recognized for their bright presence during the nighttime. These bugs contain bioluminescent organs located under their abdomen that produce a chemical reaction, allowing them to illuminate. This light sends signals […]

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June Bug

What Is a June Bug? The June bug, also referred to as the June beetle, is a part of the scarab beetle family which encompasses roughly 300 species of beetles. They are approximately one-half to a one-eighth inch long and possess a reddish-brown coloring. You may have spotted these insects surrounding any source of light […]

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What Are Cicadas?  One of the most commonly known cicadas is periodical cicadas. These cicadas spend 99% of their life underground and appear every 13 to 17 years, depending on the region. Both annual and proto periodical cicadas emerge every year, sometimes emerging together in large numbers. Common annual cicadas in the South Carolina region […]

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Swarmer Termite

What Are Swarmer Termites? Termite swarmers are adult termites, also referred to as adult reproductives, that leave their current colonies to set up a new one. Their sole purpose is reproduction. Spotting swarming termites is a good indication that there is a nest or mature colony nearby. Research has shown that there can be 15 […]

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What Are No-See-Ums? No-see-ums, also referred to as biting midges, are a part of the Ceratopogonidae family of flies and include more than 4,000 species globally. The salt marshes and warm climate of the Lowcountry provide the perfect habitat for various species of no-see-ums to thrive. These tiny bugs are known to cause irritating and […]

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Common Summer Bugs in South Carolina

Though the seasons may be (officially) changing, we all know that the weather in Charleston is not going to cool down anytime soon. While this may mean a few more beach days, it also means that you will see a lot more of those pesky summer bugs. To help you identify a few of these […]

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Good Night, Sleep Tight (A Guide to NOT Letting the Bed Bugs Bite)

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” You’ve probably heard this rhyme a thousand times before. Of course, no one ever expects to actually have pests in their bed. But these sneaky little critters are actually more common than you think, feeding on both humans and pets. They multiply quickly, and they’re […]

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What Our Employees Say:

I’ve been with Palmetto for over 5 years now and this is by far the best company I have ever been a part of. All of our branches pull together to be a team and it feels like a family here.

Amber - Greenville, SC

What Our Customers Say:

Just wanted to comment on the termite treatment performed at my home yesterday: The employees of Palmetto were very pleasant and went above and beyond to make sure all work was of top quality. Very pleased with the services of Palmetto and their employees.

Jan - Greenville, SC