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Drought, Snakes, and Bears, oh my!

Drought Conditions May Result in More Snake Encounters
Drought, Snakes, and Bears, oh my!

When we think of drought conditions, we tend to think about conserving water, regimented watering schedules and wild fires. It is not often that we think about snakes, especially those of us who are bothered by them. However, with the entire state in a drought status - 26 counties are in a "Moderate Drought" status according to South Carolina State Climatology Office - there may be increased human encounters with snakes.

Snakes have the ability to go a long period of time without food or water. Still, the rainfall levels throughout the entire state of South Carolina have been below average since May 1, 2011. As the drought continues, snakes will forage for water in an increasing degree. All types of snakes, not just aquatic ones, will move beyond their natural domain in search of hydration. Therefore you may be more likely to encounter a snake this summer.

Apparently it is not just the reptiles that are traveling in search of food and water, bears sightings have increased across the state as well, even in such places as the Lowcountry. We at Palmetto cannot help you with the bears and although our pest control service does not specifically include snakes, we have observed that our Quarterly Pest Control customers tend to have fewer problems with snakes around their homes.

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