Brown Recluse


South Carolina isn’t known for a plethora of poisonous spiders, but one that is seen more often than not is known as the Brown Recluse (Loxosceles reclusa). This spider can be recognized by their light to medium brown color with markings on the dorsal side of their cephalothorax, which looks like a black line similar to the neck of a violin expanding from the neck to the rear of the insect. This distive marking has given the spider nicknames such as fiddleback spider, brown fiddler or the violin spider.

The Brown Recluse can get up the size of a quarter with their legs extended and releases a necrotic venom with its’ bite that without medical attention has resulted in death. Most Brown Recluse bites do not have any symptoms other than minor swelling followed by a red bump surrounding the bite location. In rare cases, the bite has developed into a boil or pimple that resembles staph infection. You will know a Brown Recluse was responsible for your bite mark due to tissue death which results in the tissue around the bite turning blue a few days following the incident. Connect with a Brown Recluse isn’t rare, but a bite from this spider is seldom.

This spider is most active at night and usually remains hidden during the day in spaces such as inside furniture, cardboard boxes and the wood framing of basements and attics. The Brown REcluse can find their way into your home by used furniture, boxes and other already infested structures. A single female only needs to mate once and her life, which is why one female recluse is all it takes to acquire an infestation. She can produce 150 or more spiderlings year. The fact that these spiders can long periods of time without eating and thrive in almost any condition whether it’s hot or dry conditions make them even harder to get rid of. Using sticky traps can help to trap the spider, but if there is an infestation it is a good idea to call in professionals to get rid of your Brown Recluse problem.

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