Swarmer Termite

Termite Swamers

What Are Swarmer Termites?

Termite swarmers are adult termites, also referred to as adult reproductives, that leave their current colonies to set up a new one. Their sole purpose is reproduction. Spotting swarming termites is a good indication that there is a nest or mature colony nearby. Research has shown that there can be 15 to 20 colonies per acre. Swarmer termites are not proficient flyers, therefore it is likely that they are not far from their original colony. These insects have no biting or chewing mouthparts but can create a new colony on or close to your home.  Other termites such as worker termites from their original colony, cause long-term damage. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Swarmer Termites and Other Flying Insects?

Swarmer termites have straight antennas, a broad straight waist, and two sets of equal-length wings. These characteristics differentiate flying ants from swarmer termites, which are commonly mistaken for one another. Flying ants have an hourglass figure and two sets of wings that are unequal in length. 

When and Where Can You Spot Termite Swarmers?

Eastern subterranean termites generally swarm in the spring months, from late March to April. However, Formosan termites swarm in the early summer or late spring months, between late May and June. Termite swarmers emerge from mud tubes created by worker termites, and only swarm to find a new location for a colony where they will be a king or queen. After swarmer termites have successfully mated with a swarmer termite from another colony, they shed their wings together and start creating their own new colony. Subterranean termites tend to swarm in the daytime, while Formosan termites prefer the night.

If you think you may have spotted swarming termites in your yard, contact Palmetto Exterminators to make an inspection and address your termite problem before they create a lasting issue.

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